16th World Wushu Championships Results & President’s Message

[SWDLDF President’s Message on 16th World Wushu Championships 2023]
Dear All,
The 16th World Wushu Championships held in Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas, USA
from 14 to 21 Nov 2023 had ended.
Singapore sent a team of 8 young athletes to the Championships, 6 of whom were debutants. TeamSG Wushu performance was remarkable and achieved record-breaking results of 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze, flying the Singapore Fly high at the arena.
The results of TeamSG Wushu at the 16th World Wushu Championships were:
🥇Zeanne Law Zhi Ning – Women’s Taijiquan
🥇Jowen Lim Si Wei – Men’s Gunshu
🥈Tay Yu Xuan – Men’s Taijijian
🥈Jowen Lim Si Wei – Men’s Daoshu
🥈Kimberly Ong Li Ling – Women’s Gunshu
🥈Kimberly Ong Li Ling, Zoe Tan Ziyi, Zeanne Law Zhi Ning – Women’s Duilian
🥉Vera Tan Yan Ning- Women’s Taijijian
🥉Kimberly Ong – Women’s Changquan
4th Zoe Tan Ziyi – Women’s Gunshu
7th Chan Jun Kai – Men’s Taijijian
8th Ong Zi Ming – Men’s Changquan & Men’s Gunshu
On behalf of all at the Singapore Wushu Dragon and Lion Dance Federation, I
record my deepest appreciation to:
1.    The team of 8 athletes for their hard work, discipline, commitment
and fighting spirit and achieved great results at this Championships;
2.    Team Manager and high-Performance Manager, Valerie Wee Ling En for
leading this incredible Team, seeing to their well-being, welfare and
competition needs;
3.    Head Coach Zhang Feng, assisted by Team Coach Ma Jing Wei, for
ensuring all the athletes were in their best form, physically and mentally
before, during and after their competition routines;
4.    Team Judge Teo Soon Long for guiding the Team on the avoiding any
error(s) which might result in deduction in points and instilling great
confidence in them;
5.    Parents of athletes for accompanying their children throughout the
journey and cheering them on during their competition routines and giving
them emotional support;
6.    All local judges for conducting mock competitions to prepare the Team
and highlighting errors to avoid and further improvement to be made; and
7.    CEO Mr Leow Meng Hong for making a presentation at the IWUF Executive
Board meeting to update our preparation for the upcoming 4th World Taijiquan
Championships to be organised by and held in Singapore in end August 2024
and providing immediate updates to our Wushu fraternity in Singapore on the
performance and achievement via our official Facebook page and working with
me to iron out problems and minimising inconveniences to the Team; and
8.    All individuals and organisations who have helped the Team in our
May I also thank Minister Edwin Tong and SPS Mr Eric Chua; Advisers and
Members of our MC; our other Athletes and parents; Coaches and Judges;
sponsors, supporters; our Secretariat Office and our partners – Sport
Singapore, MCCY and the People’s Association.
Lastly, I thank the welcome party comprised parents, supporters and MC members led by Vice Chairman, Mdm Su Zifang for coming to Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 today to welcome the Team home!
Once again, Thank You all!
Mr Ang Mong Seng BBM
Singapore Wushu Dragon and Lion Dance Federation