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Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance

In the early 1960’s during Singapore’s formative years, some criminals made use of ignorant youths to conduct illegal activities at premises of some martial arts organisations. These youths created troubles and caused disputes and even clashes amongst some martial arts organisatoins.  Our founding Prime Minister then suggested to set up a Federation to lead these martial arts groups, with the aims of reducing frictions between them and uniting them together to promote the common goal of the martial arts development, thereby providing these young and energetic members with some healthy activities to lead them onto the right path.

The first Federation – Singapore National Pugilistic Federation (新加坡全国国术总会) was formed on 3 December 1967 and housed at 484 Serangoon Road.   Subsequently, it was renamed Singapore National Wushu Federation (新加坡全国武术总会) on 3 February 1991 with a piece of land allocated for its first club house at Tanjong Katong area.  On 27 January 2002, the Federation shifted into current Braddell Heights Community Building at 50 Serangoon Avenue 2, # 04-01 Singapore 556129 and on 29 June 2008, renamed Singapore Wushu Dragon and Lion Dance Federation (新加坡武术龙狮总会) to include all Dragon and Lion Dance organisations in Singapore and with the objectives to unify the various Wushu, Dragon and Lion Dance organisations of different schools; and to promote the Chinese Culture through the wholesome development of Wushu, Dragon and Lion Dance activities in Singapore. The Federation now has a total of 359 members comprising 169 Ordinary Members registered with Registry of Societies (ROS); and 180 Associate Members registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). 

Over the five decades, the Federation has spared no efforts in organising events on an annual basis to reach out to the community to promote various forms of Wushu activities like Taolu (套路), Taiji (太极), Sanda (散打); and Dragon and Lion Dance, etc.  It is encouraging to notice that these Wushu activities are gradually gaining momentum and welcomed by Singaporeans and Wushu classes have also been widely conducted in the Community Clubs / Centres (CCs) and Residents committees (RCs) centres at various parts of the island, unlike Dragon and Lion Dance activities which are conducted at club level nation-wide. 

Wushu, Dragon and Lion Dance are traditional Chinese sports with a long history and are essence of Chinese culture.  They have flourished in Singapore, a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious country. The Federation together with the various Wushu, Dragon and Lion Dance organisations under its leadership have spared no effort in promoting Wushu, Dragon and Lion Dance activities proactively.  They have since made outstanding contributions to the furtherance of this essence of Chinese culture.

The Federation organises Wushu, Dragon and Lion Dance coaches’ and judges’ courses of various levels regular to align and improve the standards of local Wushu, Dragon and Lion Dance coaches and judges and help them improve their leadership skills. In addition to training their own athletes, some of these organisations also host competitions which not only improve the standards of their own athletes but also that of athletes from other teams.  These competitions also provide a platform for enthusiasts to learn from and communicate with each other.


To go with the tide of new development and to have a new image, the Federation adopted the design of the logo in 2005. The design proposal came from famous branding designer Shi Xue Yi. The logo synthesizes body, heart, qi and essence of wushu, integrating multi elements to form distinguishing features. Red representing dragon, yellow representing lion, blue representing wushu, three in one uniting as a whole venturing out into the world. The logo was formally introduced on 25 July 2005 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, officiated by then Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng.