[Application for Approval for Caiqing Activity]

Dear All Caiqing 2024 Permit Holder,
The Application for Approval for Caiqing Activity starts today, 8 Jan 2024.
Applicants only need to fill up the attached Excel Form and email to Caiqing@wuzong.com before 5pm on 31 January 2024.
We will then forward your list to the Police for their record and use.
Those who have not applied for Caiqing permit may do so before 5pm on 12 Jan 2024.
Thank you.

Form 2. Caiqing 2024 – Application for Activity (Revised)
0. Caiqing 2024 – Briefing Details (E&C) (updated 9 Jan 2024)
0. Caiqing 2024 – Conditions and Restrictions as at 9 Jan 2024