Our Mission

Purpose, Vision and Objectives

Our Vision
To be the world’s leading Wushu Federation that works towards fostering a nation with a love for competitive sports, health and wellness, and to achieve sports excellence while preserving traditional culture in the spirit of martial arts.

Our Mission
The mission of the Federation shall be to:
– unify various Wushu organizations of different schools;
-promote Wushu, Lion Dance, Dragon Dance and Qigong;
-promote physical fitness and patriotism amongst Singaporeans;
– develop the martial art spirit.

Value Statement

  • To inculcate the martial arts spirit of honour, integrity, sportsmanship, respect and team cohesiveness in our members.
  • Be a socially-responsible federation that promotes Wushu for health and wellness, and develop a sporting culture for the nation


Guiding Principles for our members

  • Respect the rights, worth and dignity of fellow athletes, coaches, officials, judges, staffs of Singapore Wushu Dragon and Lion Dance Federation (SWDLDF) and spectators.
  • Compete to excel, abide by the rules of competition and respect the decisions/ results of the judges. Accept victory and defeat with dignity and grace.
  • To undergo continuous learning and practice to achieve excellence.
  • Achieve and maintain the Can-Do attitude at all times.

To pursue the long-term sporting growth and sustainability, SWDLDF will be upholding the following principles:

Long Term, Integrated Planning:
SWDLDF will align its operations and plans with key partners and stakeholders, and take long-term and complete view of our needs and circumstances.  The ability to plan and act in unison towards the overall goal of sustainable growth is critical to SWDLDF’s success.

SWDLDF has to ensure that its goals are met, and plans are executed in the most cost-effective manner. Realistic KPIs are set so that the results are achievable.

SWDLDF had, for the first time in our history to work with Singapore Sports School to include Wushu as a Programme Sports from 2016.  Efforts had been made to ensure that our best Youth and National Team members will be groomed to be future Champions in our partnership with Singapore Sports School.

Flexibility and Agility:
SWDLDF has to be nimble and adjust flexibly to the changes of the sport’s demands.  SWDLDF will invest in building its capabilities today to give SWDLDF more options to better respond to the challenges of tomorrow.