1. Members (including SWDLDF instructors, judges, sportsman and sportswoman) are not permitted to participates in events of activities that are not organised or approved by SWDLDF

2. Use the name of SWDLDF in any events or activities without the approval of SWDLDF

3. Any SWDLDF member or non-members are not permitted to participate as representative of Singapore in local or foreign Wushu, Dragon and Lion competitions or events without the approval from SWDLDF

4. Any change in the name, mailing address, telephone number or facsimile number of member’s organisation, president, secretary general or treasurer should promptly inform SWDLDF secretariat. Please provide the change in information by letter to the SWDLDF secretariat or through email at

5. Membership is deemed to be expired and rights of membership will be withdrawn if the fee of the membership is not paid on time.

6. In the event the SWDLDF rules and regulations are breeched by any ordinary or associate member, an investigation will be conducted by SWDLDF. If the investigation found the incident to be valid, the party or parties involved in the incident will be suspended or dismissed as a member of the SWDLDF.

7. During the period of Lunar New Year, all lion dance organisations are required to obtain permits from the Singapore Police Department to perform the ‘Plucking the Green’ through SWDLDF. Application must provide details of the location in which the ‘Plucking the Green’ will be performed.

1. Observe SWDLDF rules and regulations, support and participate in events organised by SWDLDF
2. Promptly forward information and/or materials required by SWDLDF
3. Provide feedback and suggestions to SWDLDF