Dragon Dance

The dragon dance is a team dance activity that usually comprises of a team of 12 to several hundred people dancing together as a long dragon, creates the greatest highlight as it requires the team to have coordinated movement, mutual understanding, strength, skills and esprit de corps to display the dragon’s elegance, power, swift and continuous movements. Singapore Dragon dance history started in 1927 by migrants from China Fuzhou province, which was first introduced into the local scene by the Fuzhou Mubang Association.

One form of dragon dance that was originated in Singapore is the Luminous Dragon Dance. When the Singapore National Pugilistic Federation was formed in 1967, which was later renamed as Singapore National Wushu Federation (SNWF), a dragon dance competition was organized by People’s Association and SNWF in the month of May. Only three teams registered for the competition: Sin Chow Dragon and Lion Association, Rong Jiao Association and Nanyang Shaolin Association. Nanyang Shaolin Association created the first luminous dragon dance which captivated the entire audience. During the competition, the lights in the hall were switched off and ultraviolet lights were turn on to light up the hall, which illuminate the dragon. This is our country contribution to the advancement of dragon dance techniques and performance, and hence it is our country national treasure and as a contribution to popularizes the dragon dance through the world.

SNWF spares no effort in the development and promoting of dragon dance. Competitions for luminous and competition dragon dance were held yearly, constantly increasing the standard of the judges, revising rules and regulations, organizing training classes, and judge training classes to increase the level of performance and judging standards. In the international world of dragon dance arena, our country high standard in dragon dance is well recognized and hence it is important that we continue to strive for excellence and promote the Chinese traditions.