Dragon Lantern Dance

When the dragon dance was first introduced by Fuzhou people in the early days, the dragon dance is known as Dragon Lantern. But due to the performance that resembles like a dance routine, the Chinese word ‘舞’ (dance) was introduced and the Chinese word ‘灯’ word removed. Hence from then on, it is called ‘Dragon Dance’.

During the time when dragon dance was known as dragon lantern, the dragon structure was build using bamboo, the outer layer was done using paper that is painted using ink colours and inside every section of the dragon structure, candles were lit (only at later years the candles was replaced with battery flashlight). With the flickering of the candle lights seen through the translucent body of the dragon during the performance, the sight of the dragon was captivating. With the candles lit during the performance, the performers have to be very skillful to prevent the candles from burning the body of the dragon.