Hemp Dragon Dance

The Hemp dragon dance, originated from the Qiang ethnic group in Longxi Sichuan province, is a dance item that is performed during sacrificial offering ceremony.

During the performance, performers wear a string of copper bells around their waist, Female performers hold a colourful club with a colourful ball, coloured ribbons, iron hoops and copper bells attached. Male performer holds a stick which has the dragon head made from hemp (a plant fibre) with a 7-meter-long hemp mane as the body of the dragon.

When the instrument starts to play the music, the hemp dragon begins to dance in the air chasing after the colourful ball attached to the colourful clubs which revolves around the dragon. With the swift movement of the long mane, it creates a cracking sound. And together with the bells, the iron hoop, the songs and the music of the instruments, it creates a unique and captivating style.