Southern Lion’s Colour Classifications and Features

The auspicious lion of the Lingnan lion’s classification can be divided into six different colours. The followings are the colours and features:

Yellow coloured lion:
With white beard and fur, purple horn and multi-coloured body that encompass the colours of the five elements. This lion is known as Rui Shi – Auspicious Lion, and represent the historical character, Liu Bei in the classic story ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’.

Red and Black coloured lion:
Green nose, black eyebrows, back beard and is known as the Xing Shi – the Awakening Lion, and represent the historical character of Guang Yunchang (Guan Gong).

Black and White coloured lion with Iron Horn:
Green nose, black eyebrows with short beard, and bucktooth at both corners of the mouth. Known as Meng Shi – the Fierce Lion, and represent the historical character of Zhang Fei.

Silver Beard with Yellow Flower Spot:
Named as Hua Mian lion and also known as Huang Zhong lion.

Green coloured lion with White Beard:
Crescent-shaped eyebrows, teeth with bucktooth and a flat face feature. Named as Green Lion and also known as Liu Zhen.

Black and White coloured lion with White Beard:
White beard with metal horn. Known as Zhao Yun Lion.

Golden coloured lion with Silver Beard:
This lion has double character due to generation of changes to the performance. Named as Gold Lion.

  • Lions with white beard are Senior, Steady, Prudent
  • Lions with black beard are Invincible, Brave and Wise, Fighting Spirit
  • Yellow coloured lions are Kind-hearted, Auspicious, Brave
  • Red coloured lion head lions are Brave and Wise, Mighty, Chivalry
  • Black and White coloured lions are Loyal, Courageous, Power
  • Green coloured lions are Friendly, Invincible