International Standard 42 Taiji Jianshu

Due to the demand of competition and a lack of uniformity, 42-Form Taijijian is created in 1988 by Chinese Wushu Association as one of the International Competition routines. Jian is one of the weapons used in ancient China. The techniques of Jian include sword thrust out, sword hack diagonally, sword upward parry – make circles, sword upper cut- low to high, cloud sword – above head, sword slicing – half circles at waist, sword twisting thrust- small circles at tip, sword over head block, sword touching- chicken pecks rice, sword tilting – cut to wrist- sword moves up, sword piercing, sword figure 8 inside/outside – reverse, sword cut- stops strikes cut, transfer sword- hand at wrist, peel with sword.

Taijijian has both the characteristics of Taijiquan and Jianshu. Different styles of Taijiquan have evolved over the years, with various styles of Taijijian deriving from five popular styles: Chen (陈), Yang (杨), Wu (武), Wu (吴), and Sun (孙) styles.

Taiji for health and enjoyment can be practiced in any style or Taiji, performed at any level of physical prowess, as compared to competitive Taiji which strives for perfection.