Changquan is a wushu form that derives movements from Chaquan, Huáquan, Huāquan, Paoquan, Hongquan and Shaolinquan. This long-range extended wushu style is filled with energetic, fully-extended movements of kicks, punches, rises and falls, characterized by relaxed and unfolding postures, agile, quick and powerful movements, and clear rhythm. It employs the techniques of leaps, jumps, rolling and tumbling. The style uses all three hand forms of quan, zhang and gou, and the five stances of gongbu, mabu, pubu, xubu and xiebu. A lot of agility, stamina, and leg strength are needed to do this style. Changquan includes whirling, running, leaping, and acrobatics. Changquan is difficult to perform, requiring great flexibility and athleticism.