Dao, often called broadsword is one of the short weapons, evolved from ancient weapons. Dao has the following components: blade edge which is sharp, blade edge which is dull, blade tip, guard, handle.

Any Taolu movements using Dao are classified as Dao Shu. In order to perfect the broadsword, the practitioner must start with the basics. The prerequisites for the broadsword are strong stances, strong arms, endurance, speed, and power. Good coordination and agility are a must to perform some of the basic movements such as the butterfly kick. The Dao referred to here is wielded using one hand. The main techniques
of Dao play include chopping, hacking, slashing, cutting, pricking, lifting, poking, winding, blocking and pushing. Different wushu styles have their own Dao Shu with different slight differences in styles and characteristics, but basically alI Dao Shu movements have the characteristics or being vigorous, and quick in defence and offence, consisting of rapid transitions between high and low stances.

Another bladed weapon in wushu is the straight sword or Jian. Jian has the following components: blade, guard, handle. The blade is double-edged, and the tip of the blade is the jianfeng.

Jian, or sword Is a light weapon and easy to carry. Due to its lightness, the straight sword is a graceful weapon with smooth and fast movements. A lot of flexibility is needed in order to perform this weapon well, as compared to the easier and deadlier Dao. The Jian is difficult to use primarily because its effectiveness in combat depends on penetrating the opponent’s defence using finesse and agility rather than pure strength. Unlike the Dao, which could simply be swung strongly in order to break through an opponent’s defence, the Jian, much like a rapier, requires the opponent to find an opening and land a blow.

The techniques of Jian include sword thrust out, sword hack diagonally, sword upward parry – make circles, sword uppercut- low to high, cloud sword – above head, sword slicing – half circles at waist, sword twisting thrust – small circles at tip, sword over head block, sword touching – chicken pecks rice, sword tilting – out to wrist – sword moves up, sword piercing, sword figure 8 Inside/outside – reverse, sword cut- stops strikes cut, transfer sword- hand at wrist, peel with sword.